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Used Bikes

Our ready-to-go selection of used bikes is constantly changing.

YOUR PERSONALISED VIDEO: If you would like we can email you a video with your personalised tour of the bike. Call us on 01228 516216 or email us at HondaBikesCarlisle@lloydgroup.co.uk.


Finance options


Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
Your repayments will be less than traditional finance. You put down a deposit on a bike, and we calculate its Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV). We deduct this from the price of the bike and your monthly payments are based on what’s left. You can then choose to pay the GMFV and keep your Honda, return it or part-exchange it for a new bike.

Personal loan (VPL)
This is more like a simple loan. You decide on the model and put down a deposit the same way as with PCP. We calculate for you how much you want your fixed monthly payment to be, and the term. That means you know up front how much your Honda will cost each month until it’s paid off and you own the bike.

Each Finance Offer can be tailored to suit your personal needs and circumstances. Contact us about the right option for you.

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